Next-Generation Web Design

More than Half-Baked Ideas & Concepts

Innovation has to Start Somewhere

At Numonium, we don't just produce stellar media for our clients, we're always working on something of our own to push the envelope of web design. Beware, our creations are more than beta, they're alpha.


Pull Request

a Technology Podcast

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An hour-long technology talk show where we delve into real geeky topics that you’ll never hear on any mainstream radio tech show, and with much more class and wit than you’ll find on any tech podcast or internet radio production. Also interviews, tutorials, news, and more!



an HTML5 Experiment

Clouds! Click to View

We've created CSS clouds and have used JavaScript to give them life — quite hypnotic! These were modularly coded and use no images, so they can easily be implemented into any site. Background moves in parallax with the mouse cursor.



an Anti-Spam Technology

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Does your website's contact and lead forms get spam submissions? Well, we've developed a revolutionary anti-spam technology that deftly compromises between security and convenience, resulting in a remarkably successful, yet easy-to-use, solution.

Contact us today so we can help fix your spam problem and make the Internet a better place! :)