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Much like a fine wine or caviar, Numonium serve only the best web design, using the finest ingredients and our unique fusion of ingenuity and technology to deliver the results you want and the quality you deserve.



in New York City

WhereAmI Click for larger view

Your digital compass to New York City - just open the app and enable location services on your mobile device, to view your current neighborhood, borough, and three closest subway stops to you... wherever your are.

Works anywhere from Staten Island to the Bronx!.


Sun & Fun Media

in Orlando, FL

Sun & Fun Media Click for larger view

A company specializing in 100% barter ad placement with radio stations. Sun & Fun Media received the full spectrum of services we offer - everything from branding redesigns, to complete customized content managers (CMS), to a completely responsive and pixel-agnostic front-end, as well as optimization and Pictcha™ anti-spam form technology.



in Las Vegas, NV

Bulborama Click for larger view

Bulborama is a leader in long-life light bulbs and energy-saving lighting supplies, based in Las Vegas. Redesigned and implemented design atop their hosted e-commerce platform, called CoreCommerce. Much additional work was done (and unfortunately extra JavaScript) to ensure proper responsive design.


Rain City Audio

in Seattle, WA

Rain City Audio Click for larger view

Branding, responsive web design, Wordpress development, and much more - Rain City Audio features our full spectrum of services, all for a reasonable price!


Matt Baltrucki Audio

in Hartford, CT

Matt Baltrucki Audio Click for larger view

We've taken the concept of an online business card to a whole new level. We designed everything - including an HTML5 media player from scratch - and packed more buzzwords into this site than any other we've done. The interface is minimal, intuitive, and understated - yet modern and scalable - a wonderful harmony of code and design.


Garber Communities

in Orlando, FL

Garber Communities Click for larger view

A leading real-estate company based in Orlando, specializing in manufactured housing and RV Resorts. We made a site for each of their 12 parks, all using a common, proprietary framework and content manager, before completing their main site. The contact form also uses our revolutionary anti-spam technology, called Pictcha.


Holiday Springs RV Resort

for Garber Communities

Holiday Springs RV Resort Click for larger view

The flagship site of a series prepared for Garber Communities, this site has an administration area for managers to list properties for sale, park news/events, and much more. All sites in this series run off of a common proprietary framework, “Nimbus”, to minimise duplicated code.



a Proprietary Web Service

RateTheProfessional Click for larger view

A service which rates professionals and corporations across the United States. Performed all development, server administration, and design consultation. This service also has an administration area which aggregates and displays usage statistics.


Black Widow Tanning Salon

in Orlando, FL

Black Widow Tanning Salon Click for larger view

A truly unique nightclub-themed tanning salon with a fresh look on how tanning should be done. Located across the street from University of Central Florida. Performed all design and development, and some promotional materials.


Habitat for Humanity

at University of Central Florida

Habitat for Humanity Click for larger view

A chapter for humanitarian organization Habitat for Humanity at the University of Central Florida. Performed all design, development services, and created an administration area to manage members and editable content.

(2007, 2010)

George Hunt Golf Academy

a MORAD Golf School

George Hunt Golf Academy Click for larger view

Golf schools and personal athletic instruction in Orlando, FL. Performed all design, development, and search engine optimisation (SEO). Created an administration area where any content on the site may be dynamically changed. Google “MORAD Golf” to test out our SEO.



a Student-Run Radio Station

WKNT Click for larger view

An Internet-based student-run radio station in the University of Central Florida. Performed all design, development (including CMS), network setup, and administration. All show information was input via a proprietary CMS. Scheduling and listings grid were generated dynamically.


Depositary Management Corp.

for 540 Interactive, Inc.

Depositary Management Corp. Click for larger view

A premier provider of depositary receipt services. Designed and developed a language-agnostic website, utilizing seven language translations. Adapted branding from a given brouchure.

(2005, 2007)

ReelFilms Cinema

an Independent Film Studio

ReelFilms Cinema Click for larger view

A next-generation independent film studio, specializing in high-intensity action thrillers. Designed all branding, all aspects of Internet presence, online application engine, proprietary CMS and introductory movie. In 2005, we were known as “Proteus Technologies”.